World Tour 2015


Queen crowns ER Productions lead laser provider.


When it comes to iconic international rock groups, it doesn’t get bigger than Queen, so ER Productions was thrilled to provide lasers for the legendary band’s world tour in Autumn 2015.

With Grammy nominated American Idol finalist Adam Lambert at the helm in place of Freddie Mercury, ER Productions supported Queen’s South American gigs in September and October. The staging involved a complex set-up – created in conjunction with the company’s U.S. office – featuring more than 30 lasers.

Centre stage of the tour was a giant letter Q, illuminated by a series of RGB Beamburst and Phaenon AT lasers. In order to speed up the rigging process between gigs, ER Productions controlled the safety features directly, rather than having to direct to the card, which enabled far quicker setting up of the system.

The laser system also contained innovative gobo wheels, capable of producing additional effects to the stage lighting.

Clearly, the tour to date has been a success, as Queen has asked ER Productions to accompany them on the antipodean leg of its tour, which starts in 2016. 

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