Tiziano Ferro

EU Tour 2015


ER Productions breaks boundaries with Tiziano Ferro.


Tiziano Ferro is one of Italy’s most famous musical exports, having sold 15-million albums across the world. When he decided to tour Europe in 2015 with a set of summer stadium shows and winter arena tours, ER Productions was delighted to join him on the road.

Breaking boundaries in live laser displays, ER Productions used the latest laser technology, linked to an interactive system, to create a stunning backdrop for Tiziano’s performances.

The bespoke system featured green, red and blue Burstbox & Beamburst lasers, mounted on a moving truss on rotating bridges.

Two of the systems were located downstage, mapping sequences onto Tiziano and the LED screens behind him. These were bracketed in such a way that ER Productions could bounce back lasers to create aerial effects.

For the arena section of the tour, ER Productions used 4 mirror brackets for two of the laser systems, in order to utilise one laser for multiple effects. These were combined with further lasers for atmospherics.

How we did it




tonnes of equipment


crew members