Emociona Carola



Voice controlled Lasers and LED light up the Basque skyline...


It might not be the prettiest Spanish city, but in its own way Bilbao is a striking, cultured city with a thriving art scene.  Much like Glasgow, the cityscape is quirky, rugged and clearly marked by its industrial, ship building past, which has certainly had an impact on the people living there. Residents take great pride in the city and the architectural structures that dot the coastline are viewed as old friends.  

Working with FUNDACIÓN BILBOA 700 and Spanish agency Innevento, ER Productions jumped at the chance of creating a laser design for one of Bilbao’s most iconic landmarks, the Carola crane. Situated on the edge of the river next to the Maritime Museum, Carola is an impressive structure and also the subject of local legend.  Providing a backdrop to a music and performance-art project, the crane was lit up with coloured LED and lasers. ER Productions supplied a comprehensive package of lasers and mirrors all of which was programmed, choreographed and operated by ER’s Andrew Turner.

While 20 RGB Beamburst lasers played off the monolithic structure during the performance, ER’s newly launched Cyclone created a stunning centre piece.  “We rigged the Cyclone off the front of the crane and focussed it around a podium with a microphone at ground level”, said Andrew Turner. Members of the audience were invited to voice their sentiments about Carola and the city into the mic, which triggered the Cyclone’s effects. “We used the DMX pixel mapping abilities of Madrix, a powerful software used for running live video with an integral Sound-to-Light engine to map the cyclone to the words being spoken into the microphone”, Turner continued.

Actors dressed in industrial overalls and a singer positioned on the structure delivered a poetic retelling of how the Carola crane got its name and the woman behind it. 

Ryan Hagan, Director and co-founder of ER Productions added “The show in Bilbao was electric. It’s an incredible city and we were privileged to work with such a professional team.”



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