What better place to show off an impressive display of laser effects than the snowclad, Austrian getaway of Myherhofen, which plays host to Europe’s favourite winter music festival, Snowbombing.


Drawing an impressive line-up of international talent, the electronic dance music festival is known by many as the ‘greatest show on snow’ and it’s a regular fixture in the ER Productions event calendar.

This year, ER Productions provided laser effects for the festival’s top billed talent including Fatboy Slim, Andy C and Groove Armada to name but a few. Always keen on raising the bar each year, a wide range of ER’s latest products were sent to the Alps including upgraded Tripan, GLP Impression Burst (Moving Head), Laserblade and Beamburst fixtures.

A key focus for ER at Snowbombing 2016 was Groove Armada’s performance on the outdoor stage, which had a very unique set-up. ER Productions co-founder, Ryan Hagan, shed more light on this explaining, “Groove Armada actually operate their own show whilst they mix, which presents an exciting opportunity for us to collaborate with artists, letting them choreograph effects that work in harmony with their music."

"We set-up the rig based on the laser look Groove Armada wanted to achieve.  Once all the safety measures had been signed-off, we let Groove Armada get creative with the kit under the watchful eye of our technician who could shut down any aspect of the display in the unlikely event of an emergency.”

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