New Year 2016



While the rest of the world celebrates, ER Productions and the rest of the SFX community springs into life at New Year, covering the globe in lasers, pyrotechnics and lights spanning 24 time zones, which can be seen clearly from space. 


Contributing to a number of New Year celebrations across the globe, ER Productions designed bespoke New Year laser displays for events at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the W Hotel in Miami, Gatecrasher in Sheffield and most notably, in a huge Hogmanay celebration at Edinburgh Castle.

After close consultation with Edinburgh Castle, the fireworks/pyrotechnic team and following extensive safety checks, ER positioned lasers along the perimeter, FOH, in the castle gardens and directly East and West of the infamous landmark.  Tasked with creating a beacon of lasers that would direct revellers to and from the city centre before and after the event and with choreographing the main display at midnight, the carefully timed sequence lasted over 5-hours.

During the show, BB3 beams were cast across the castle towards the celebrations in Princes Street, while Phaenon scanning lasers created stunning aerial effects across the city’s skyline.  Additional Phaenon units and full colour Beamburst lasers were placed FOH, projecting beams onto the castle’s ramparts and up and down Princes Street from 8pm until 1am the following day.

Approximately 2km of fibre optic cable connected the lasers, which were controlled using both HOG and Beyond software with ArtNet, giving ER’s laser operator control of all fixtures used at the site.

Ryan Hagan, co-founder of ER Productions, said; “New Year is always a busy time of year for our team but it’s a huge pleasure to be involved in making it a special night for millions of people around the world.  Of course, it means that we’re not out partying ourselves but the show must go on and it’s a credit to all of our staff that all our New Year projects went without hitch.  A big thank you goes to Andy Stentiford at Funktioncreep for bringing us on-board .”

How we did it


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