Backstreet Boys

Las Vegas Residency


Backstreet Boys, the enormously successful 90s US boy band, has staged an epic come back 20-years after they released their self-titled debut international album.


With a sell-out, 26-date residency in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood's AXIS Theatre, ER Productions played an integral part in creating a wow factor for the Boys’ Vegas run.

Show designer Raj Kapoor and Lighting Designer Richard Neville provided ER Productions with a detailed brief and design earlier this year.  Working with closely with Kapoor, Andrew Turner, Project Manager for ER Productions, designed a scheme for the lasers using ten Laserblades, ten of ER’s newly launched BB3s and six Tripans. A late addition to the show’s laser package, were six Excellent 21 laser systems, which were used to light, map and animate the impressive proscenium in the Axis theatre.

A key area of focus for the laser design were the moving stairs, which incorporated almost all of the lasers. Despite the concentration of lasers on the stairs, none of the fixtures were visible front of stage during the shows, which is a testament to ER’s skilled technicians.

The show was fully timecoded by ER’s Alex Oita and Andrew Turner during the rehearsal period in LA. To ensure the safety of the Backstreet Boys and their dancers, a risk assessment was carried out and ER’s team worked extremely closely with the performers to ensure their routines were performed in safe zones. 

Once the show moved to its permanent location in Las Vegas, Lawrence Wright, General Manager of ER’s US operation, programmed the show to perfection. “Two days and nights were spent mapping the proscenium with animation and effects to complement each song. Originally conceived as LED strips, this is the first-time lasers have been used to map an otherwise empty area in the Axis Theatre, which results in a unique look that simply cannot be achieved with other products. I am really proud of how it looks.”, Wright comments. 

Key laser tracks included Incomplete, The Call, More Than That, EDM Dance Break and the band’s hit song, Everybody (Backstreets back), with laser mapping effects appearing during most songs in the show. 

To highlight the lasers, four Viper deLuxe units provided all-important atmospheric effects, with 4 Unique Hazers filling the venue with haze.

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