Brit Awards 2017

O2 Arena 


Broadcast live from London’s O2 Arena on the 22nd of February, this year’s hotly awaited Brit Awards was bursting with vibrant lasers courtesy of ER Productions.


Unlike previous shows, ER Productions skilled team focussed primarily on the event production, creating a wow factor for hundreds of attending VIPs. Of the 93 lasers fixtures supplied to the Brits, at least half were used to dress the location. Most notably a cathedral inspired laser canopy formed using Tripan and Beamburst fixtures, which was projected across and over the gathered artists, label execs and managers in the audience. ER Productions worked closely with the health and safety team at the O2 to create safe termination zones for the overhead laser projection of eight Tripan fixtures, which were focussed directly into the tiered seating areas before the audience arrived.

Andrew Turner, ER Productions’ Project Manager, created a feature laser design, which adorned a huge Brits sculpture on the B Stage with mapped effects using two Tripan systems from front-of-house. The sculpture was surrounded by a laser cage using twenty-six of ER’s bespoke built BB3s, which have an unparalleled clarity and beam quality.  The walkways either side of the B Stage were enhanced further using two full colour Phaenon Pro 30000 systems, which were rigged to the left and right above the stage.  A final flourish of BB3 lasers were rigged on the main stage, creating a beautiful blue flat scanned back drop.

The remaining complement of lasers, were used in Coldplay’s colourful performance of their new single, Something Like This, performed with The Chainsmokers.

To achieve the feast of colour the band has become renowned for in their spectacular live performances, ER put together a rig comprised of sixteen BB3 units, sixteen Beambursts, eight Laserblades, five Phaenon Pro 30000 fixtures and four Phaenon AT full colour scanning systems with OPSL colour mixing. Together the lasers filled the length and breadth of the stage creating an awesome spectacle, which will not be forgotten quickly.

“Our fantastic team worked quickly, safely and with such professionalism, getting all of our kit onto the stage during a tight 8-minute change over.  It’s was a real treat to choreograph the lasers for this performance using every fixture at our disposal”, said Turner.

Ryan Hagan, founding partner of ER Productions commented, "It’s always a thrill to work on the Brit Awards.  The production team are fantastic and it’s a great show too.  Although installing this quantity of lasers is no easy task, our Project Manager Andrew and his team delivered a well-executed, stunning job!”



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