How do you set a Guinness World Record?

As ER Productions approaches its Guinness World record attempt at the LDI: Live Outside on November 18th 2017, we spoke to Guinness adjudicator Sofia to find out what it takes to set a world record.


Q. How do you prepare before adjudicating a GWR attempt

The first thing I do when preparing for an adjudication is look up the current record or, if it's a new title, any similar records. Then, depending on the adjudication, I will do research on the category that it falls into and their respective industry standards e.g. with a sword swallowing record, I turn to the regulations and norms according to the Sword Swallowers Association. I will also look up previous attempts, a lot can be learned from failed attempts. One of my most useful resources is our own records management team, all of whom have their own specific expert areas and can answer any questions I may have regarding a record attempt. Preparation is key for adjudicating, you have to try and foresee every outcome, so you can come to a precise and educated decision in any situation.

Q. How do you set or break a World Record?

The first thing any potential record breaker should do is go to our website. There you can browse our current record titles and if there's something you have your eye on, you can create an application and proceed through the proper channels. That way you will be fully informed on what we require in terms of evidence to successfully attempt a title.

Q. What will you be looking for in ER Productions’ title attempt for Largest Laser Show?  

This record is based on the number of laser projectors used. ER Productions will need to create a laser show using a minimum of 220 individual projectors. It is set to be quite a spectacle! 

Q. Has anyone ever attempted this record before?

This is a brand new record title, there have been some applications for it but nothing has been confirmed yet. 


You can watch ER Productions' world record attempt live on Facebook.


If you're in Las Vegas, ER Productions' will be showcasing some of the fixtures from the show at LVCC in demo room N102.  To schedule a meeting or book a demo, click here