Automaton Tour


ER Productions has just finished working with Jamiroquai on the band’s Automaton album tour of the UK.  This is the first time the band has toured in 7-years and the set list included a mix of its most iconic hits next to songs from its eighth studio album.


Bought on board by the Lighting Designer, Vince Foster, ER Productions was asked to create a laser design that complemented his overall lighting scheme. Furthermore, having worked with Jamiroquai in the past, Marc Webber, co-founder of ER Productions, wanted the laser design to differ from the band’s previous tours. 

“I wanted to create a 3-dimensional performance space using lasers, which would appear to come out of no-where. To create the effect, we installed a row of our new Kinekt lasers along the downstage edge, which we focussed and terminated onto the roof. With this wall of lasers in place, we rigged a row of BB3 lasers at roof level, projecting the beams back onto the down stage edge, which intersected with the Kinekt beams”, explains Webber, who project managed the installation.

ER Productions specified ten BB3 fixtures and twenty-four Kinekts, with four Viper deLuxe smoke machines and two Unique hazers providing all important atmospheric effects.  The show was controlled using Pangolin’s Beyond software and a Road Hog 4 console from High End. 

With an impressive lighting heavy scheme, it was a challenge for Webber and his team to find space for the lasers. To get around this, ER’s technician Ben Couch positioned the lasers on tank traps upstage, which were supported by the company’s custom designed interlocking wheel boards.

Marc concludes, “Although we used a relatively simple laser rig, we wanted our design to be versatile enough to deliver a range of different effects and looks throughout the show, which I think has been achieved. As always, it was a great pleasure to work with Jamiroquai and Vince.”


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