​Royal Blood

UK Tour


​ER Productions teamed up with British rock duo Royal Blood for their UK tour last year, celebrating their newly released "How Did We Get So Dark" album.


Having worked with Royal Blood at the 2015 Brit Awards and throughout 2017's summer festival season, Ryan Hagan and the team were eager to build upon the successes of their previous collaborations.

The show design was a collaboration between Tim Routledge and Sam O’Riordan and the laser set-up focused on creating cage effects around the band.  To achieve this, ER installed its newly launched Kinekt system, the next generation of the popular Laseblade fixture. 

Extremely versatile, small, lightweight, and ten times more powerful than its predecessor, the Kinekt is a modular scanning fixture capable of connecting together and creating a variety of a shapes, patterns, and arrays. The Kinekts were the perfect solution for the cage; 120 were pre-rigged into 12 x 2.88mt ER Kinekt trusses, which formed the diamond shaped cage above the band. Controlling all of this was one of ER’s new BEYOND server racks housing four BEYOND server platforms.

The all-important atmospherics were covered by one Unique hazer and one Viper deLuxe smoke machine on each of the 4 sides of the cage.

Hagan concludes, “Royal Blood’s team are great to work with.  Sam and Tim always create innovative designs that really push boundaries of production technologies, like lasers”

How we did it






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