ER Productions has been touring with Lorenzo for his 2018 Tour of Italy this year.  The star has had eighteen chart-topping albums spanning his 30-year career.  Celebrating this achievement, ER Productions teamed up with Andrea Staleni and Claudio Santucci to create a one-of-a-kind laser production for the show.


According to laser project manager and designer, Andrew Turner; “A big part of the show involved enveloping the audience in a variety of dazzling laser effects”.  Creating a central feature across the ceiling, Turner’s design dressed thirteen chandeliers in red and blue Beamboxes. With a BB3 fixture at the core of each chandelier, diffracted effects were directed down onto the crowd.   

The main stage was connected to a second stage via a cat walk with revolving bridge, which partitioned the crowd and was flanked by an army of Kinekt lasers creating a cage effect between the performer and his fans.  Additional Kinekt units were connected via trusses to the top of the main stage ensuring that the audience had a unique perspective anywhere in the crowd during the show.  Six Viper deLuxe smoke machines and four Unique hazers provided all important atmospheric effects.

Given the number of lasers on the show, ER Productions used a combination of laser filters and lenses to keep the effects well within the permissible exposure limits.

Turner went on to say; “It’s always a pleasure working with Claudio & Andrea. Working out here always presents new challenges and inspires new ways of thinking and collaborating. This show, like so many Italian projects we have been involved in, pushed us into new areas and allowed us to take a fresh look at how we can use lasers creatively. Lorenzo is one of Italy's biggest icons, it was humbling and massively rewarding to be invited in to be part of his 2018 European tour.”

How we did it




metres of cable


tons of equipment