Robbie Williams, Queen & Fatboy Slim

Australia 2018


ER Productions is on the road in Oz with three of its favourite artists; Fatboy Slim, Queen & Adam Lambert, and Robbie Williams. 


Supplying lasers and its new range of SFX, ER Productions has maintained continuity dates on the Australian leg of Queen & Adam Lambert’s tour and Robbie William’s Heavy Entertainment Show, both of which toured heavily throughout 2017.

 “Although Queen and Robbie’s shows were supplied via the UK, we have fully stocked warehouses around the world including Australia, which means we can support our clients regardless of where they are in the world.”, says Marc Webber, co-founder of ER Productions.

Queen’s touring kit includes with Six Phaenon Pro 30000 lasers, sixteen BB3 lasers, six Viper deLuxe smoke machines, and two Unique Hazers. 

“The Queen and Adam Lambert tour is quite a complex and technology-heavy show.”, continues Webber. “During Brian May’s solo, the 70-year old guitarist is hoisted into the air and the stage and audience areas are filled with laser diffractions.  It looks like he is in space, which is quite fitting for an astrophysicist.”

Williams’ Heavy Entertainment Show tour, which was designed by Es Devlin, is no less complex. The stunning set is framed by two giant Lichtenstein Pop Art ‘pow’ cut outs, which have twenty new Kinekt units rigged around their outside edges.  The rest of the laser package includes twenty BB3 fixtures, twenty Beambursts, eight GLP Bursts and six Phaenon Pro 30000 units, which span the entire width of the stage.

For Fatboy Slim, a more portable laser package, which could be easily dismounted and reset at different venues and festivals across Australia, was specified by ER’s Ryan Hagan. The control platform and four of the company’s highly compact Storm lasers, which weigh only 12kg per unit, were packed into six small flight cases.

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