TPi Awards



ER Productions has won 'Favourite Special Effects Company' at this year's TPi Awards.


Now in its 18th year, the TPi Awards is hosted by Total Production International, the live event production industry’s leading international publication.  2018 also marks the magazine’s 20th year.

Attracting over 1,400 people from all corners of the live music and entertainment technology industry, the TPi Awards acknowledges and rewards the achievements of the most talented and successful individuals and service companies working within the industry.

Founded by Marc Webber and Ryan Hagan in 2007, ER Productions is responsible for some of the most exciting laser innovations of the last decade, even garnering a World Record in Las Vegas for staging the largest laser show on earth.  

Marc Webber comments, “It’s a great feeling to have won a TPi Award for Favourite Special Effects Company. Laser have traditionally been difficult to place in the production award mix, straddling the divide between SFX and lighting, but the technology has come a long way in the last few years. Lasers are more versatile than ever before, producing an almost non-exhaustive range of visual effects.” 

Having invested in the continued development of its range of cutting-edge laser systems and accessories during 2017, the company recently launched a specialist SFX division supplying a range of products including Cryo, Confetti, and Streamer systems and stage pyrotechnics.

Ryan Hagan adds, “We decided to launch an SFX range after growing demand from our clients in the USA, where SFX and lasers go hand-in-hand.  With laser rigs now equalling lighting rigs in terms of quantity and sophistication, lasers have proved to be an integral part of SFX delivery within live events & touring.”