Kylie Minogue

Golden Tour 2018


Australian popstar, Kylie Minogue’s fifteenth concert tour, Golden Tour, consists of 27 shows across Europe, coinciding with the release of her new album, Kylie Presents: Golden. ER Productions were thrilled to be the official supplier of lasers and SFX for the duration of run.


Golden Tour began on 18 September, in Newcastle at the Metro Radio Arena, and concludes on 24 November 2018, at the Mehr Theatre in Hamburg, Germany. ER Production’s brief was to provide some dazzling laser choreography and special effects to compliment the glamourous show, designed by Rob Sinclair. The set includes giant video screens, a glittering gold stage and a catwalk style runway leading to a second stage.

With the video screens covering the entire upstage wall, the challenge was to deliver a retractable laser display around them. ER’s solution is to use a new automation technique. 50kg winches drop 4 Phaenon 30s and 2 Artic from the grid during Lost Without You. Using a diffraction effect, the light splits into multiple beams, scanning the audience with gold, green and red lasers. Once the track is over the winches move the lasers back to the grid quickly and smoothly. ER adopts the same technique for On a Night Like This with purple and blue lasers.

The feedback data from the winches mean that the Pangolin control software is able to monitor the winch positions, letting laser technician, Seth Griffiths, know that the positioning is totally safe and accurate. Seth commented: “It was great to be the first ER technician to use the new winches. The system works really well with the video screen and looks really clean. It’s been a battle working lasers around video in the past, but this solves that problem, meaning we can be more creative.” 

Alongside the innovative laser choreography, ER’s special effects kick off in the second half of the show. Two Swirl Fans above the stage, shower autumnal coloured, maple leaf confetti over the audience during Especially For You. 6 Stadium Shots blast rainbow colour confetti over the audience for All The Lovers, and gold glitter during In Your Eyes.

ER brought another new product into play with their electro kabuki driven ‘flop and drop’ system. 15 metre gold mylar streamers, drop during Spinning Around which the dancers interact with. Finally, 6 x Stadium Blasters burst gold and white confetti during the show's finale track Dancing, providing a spectacular end to the show.

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