Backstreet Boys

DNA World Tour 2019


With the biggest arena tour in 18 years, Backstreet Boys are back with their DNA World Tour, and they’re partnered with ER Productions to deliver an exciting visual experience for the fans.


After their sell-out, 26-date residency in Las Vegas, at Planet Hollywood's AXIS Theatre, pop group, Backstreet Boys, announced the long-awaited world tour at the end of 2018. ER Productions played an integral part in creating an astonishing show for the Boys’ Vegas run and are ramping it up a notch to take the world tour shows to a whole new level.

The set includes huge LED screens, platform stages, moving trusses and an abundance of lights. As the official supplier of Lasers & SFX, ER Productions are creating an incredible show where the laser lighting and other effects play an important role in spellbinding the fans.

The laser fixtures include 20 of ER's BB4’s (small compact lasers with audience diffraction optics), six ER Storms (high-powered scanning laser) and six Unique Hazers, for building the right level of atmospherics. Four of the Storms are integrated into the rear lighting pods behind the screen, which two additional units placed far down stage left and down stage right. The BB4 units are spread over three automated trusses. Carefully-timed laser choreography happens during tracks ‘Everybody’, ‘I’ll Never Break Your Heart’, ‘It’s Gotta Be You’, and ‘Larger than Life’.

The special effects include custom-made 2mm heart-shaped confetti, handled by Nine MagicFX Swirl Fan XLs, mounted on a truss, flown just past the down stage edge. These are triggered remotely from a HighEnd HedgeHog 4 to vary the outputs, dependent on the venue.  Four Stadium Shot II, shoot a combination of white and blue 20m x 5cm streamers, firing from the down stage edge, in the pit, covering the whole audience. Pyrotechnics consist of Gerbs, Multishot mines and mines with tails, all fired from the Galaxis wireless pyro control system. 

General Manager of ER's Vegas office, Lawrence Wright said, “It’s fantastic to be working with the Backstreet Boys for their tour after a hugely successful residency with such a fantastic production team pushing design ideas and boundaries to achieve an exciting and fresh design for a huge comeback tour. I would like to thank the team, Dan Pecora (Lead SFX), Matt McCoy (Laser Lead) and Stu Wickens (Pyro) for their valuable input” 

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