ER Fires up the Party

For BBC's Children In Need


ER Productions had an amazing time at BBC Children in Need's charity party at the O2 Arena London at the end of the year. We supplied a wide variety of SFX and Lasers to make it a night to remember! 


BBC Children in Need currently supports 2,400 projects across the UK. Projects funded by the charity help children facing a range of disadvantages, from poverty and deprivation to abuse and disabilities. An auction was held on November 12, in which 4,700 pairs of seated tickets to the charity’s ‘Ultimate Christmas Party’ concert were sold. The event was held in addition to the BBC Children in Need Appeal Night, which takes place every year in November and was broadcast on BBC One.

It was an honour to be commissioned to supply the show with Laser and SFX choreography. During Tom Odell’s Magnetised, 2 hits of 12 Red Mines were fired, during Another Love, 3 hits of 12 Gold Flitter Comets were fired, and at the end of Son of an Only Child, 6 Stadium Blasters delivered a hit of 24kg of white confetti.

DJ, Sister Bliss’ set included some dynamic pyrotechnic work, with 24 Silver Mines and Comets and 6 G-Flames lining the downstage edge. This was complimented with 6 CO2 Jets, and Stadium Shots firing blue confetti. There were also a number of stunning lasers programmed throughout, including 4 BB4’s and 4 Phaenon Pro 30000’s, creating a buzzing atmosphere. Finally, 6 T-Shirt launchers brought some extra fun to the party.

ER continued to execute a series of striking pyro effects for the ever-popular, Rick Astley, who was supported by the fantastic vocalists, Beverly Knight and Sharleen Spiteri. 6 Blue Mines were cued to deliver a shot of colour during Angels on My Side, 18 Jets were let off during I’m Every Woman, and 12 XL Stage Flashes lit up the stage for Highway to Hell.

ER’s Stadium Shots produced a hit of white steamers for the track Inner Smile, and for the finale, Merry Xmas Everybody, a combination of Stadium Shots and Powershots (positioned from the audience truss) showered the audience with gold metallic streamers, for a spectacular end to a successful evening. Children in Need raised over £1.4 million pounds from the event.

SFX Project Manager, George Baker, commented, “The whole production team made it a brilliant night and we were really pleased with the results. It was great to be a part of something that helps raise money for such an important cause.”

For more information about any of the products we used during the show, or to enquire how we can help with lasers and special effects for your event, please contact us.