ER Present: ATOLLA Range

The Modular Laser System Family Expands 


Following the success of the development and subsequent popularity of ER’s modular scanning laser, Kinekt, ER Productions launches further brand-new products, as part of the integrated laser range – Beam-ER, Strike-ER and the ATOLLA series.


Kinekt was the world’s first modular laser system, developed by ER in 2017. This small, lightweight, modular scanning laser has the ability to connect to another Kinekt on both the X and Y axis.  It’s very versatile and can create an endless array of laser scanned effects, as long or as wide as the stage or venue will allow.

Kinekt was showcased at the phenomenal Christian Dior Pre-Fall Mens Collection launch, in Tokyo at the end of 2018. 130 Kinekt lasers created an astounding display, circling a 40-foot robot statue, demonstrating some of the bespoke looks the product can achieve. Kinekt was awarded a PLSN Gold Star Product Award for Best Laser Product 2018

Beam-ER and Strike-ER were developed to expand the Kinekt range. Both are housed in exactly the same body as the Kinekt but offer two very different looks. When combining all three, the modular system is extremely adaptable and can be arranged to produce an incredible range of lighting effects. All three products benefit from all the same rigging features, including ER’s pre-rig truss.

Strike-ER is a 3w RGB audience exposure effect. The popularity of diffraction grating FX is at an all-time high and is believed to be the safest way of exposing an audience to laser beams, covering them in literally thousands of coloured laser beams, for a truly immersive effect.

Grating splits the colours of the laser up and is quite limiting, so ER has been working on developing a way of producing this effect without grating. The Strike-ER is full white so you get the full range of colours and it's a huge leap for this type of effect. As with the Kinekt and Beam-ER, it’s housed in the same body, and it too benefits from all the same rigging features including the pre-rig truss. 

The ATOLLA range of RGB Diode Lasers, named after the ‘luminescent jellyfish’, comprises of the AT-10, AT-20 and AT-30. All AT series lasers have in-built FB4, as well as gigabit network switches for linking of systems. Network and DMX allow the user to add a Kinekt, Strike-ER or Beam-ER easily and efficiently and all AT bodies have the Kinekt bracket on the top and bottom so you can connect fixtures quickly and easily.

ER wanted to compliment the Kinekt series with higher powered scanning options to provide its clients with versatile design options as well as excellent functionality in programming. Combined, the Kinekt and ATOLLA series is the most advanced modular laser system in the world.

The AT range was launched in time for Tame Impala’s mesmerising set at Coachella, in April 2019, with 34 AT30s, part of an astounding 1020w laser show, one of ER’s most powerful shows to date. 20 AT-20s and 10 AT-30s are part of an incredible laser light show for Metallica’s HardWired Tour, which began in May 2019.

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