Ten Years with

Fatboy Slim


In their 10th year of working with superstar DJ, Fatboy Slim, ER Productions delivered some stunning Laser and SFX work for his UK Arena Tour 2019, at 7 venues.


ER Productions was first commissioned to provide lasers for internationally-renowned DJ, Fatboy Slim, a.k.a Norman Cook, ten years ago, in 2009, for his Glastonbury Festival set. ER’s Co-Founder Ryan Hagan met with Fatboy’s Production Director, Mark Ward at his London offices from a recommendation, and from there has enjoyed a steadfast working relationship, developing some incredible laser looks for Fatboy’s major events over the years.

This has included providing bespoke laser shows, tailored for each show at The Amex Stadium in 2011, South Africa World Cup 2012, Future Music Festival 2013, Brazil World Cup Tour 2014, and Creamfields 2015.  This year, ER delivered not only the lasers but also a range of SFX, adding another dimension to the show.

“Norman is heavily involved in the design of the show looks, and the process behind it. No two shows are the same, creating a unique experience for the audience each time.” explains Hagan.

“For the UK Arena Tour, we opted for 15 of our small lightweight Beamburst lasers to be positioned pointing down vertically and reflected on mirrors. We also selected 4 EX15, full colour all OPSL lasers, to be placed at the corners of the stage to shine out across the audience.”

“This year was slightly different in that Norman wanted close proximity pyro effects, in the form of 8 Sparkular units. Mark Ward and I worked through the budget to get the most out of it, taking into consideration the show design.”

ER’s Harry Boyde programmed the cues and looks of the laser choreography and the SFX, and alongside the Sparkulars, we used 8 Stadium Shots to fire gold and white confetti, and yellow streamers into the crowds perfectly on cue, whilst 4 Viper deLuxe, 4 Unique Hazers and 4 Co2 Jets provided the atmospherics.

As always, it's been a pleasure to work with Proper Productions, Bob Jaroc – video director and Abbiss Lighting Design.

For more information about ER Productions, their latest news or their products, please visit: www.er-productions.com