Metallica - WorldWired 

World Tour 2019


Metallica’s WorldWired Tour raged into 2019 with an astonishing set, complete with pyro displays, giant LED screens, and more laser power than ever!


This tour celebrates the metal icon’s tenth studio album, Self-Destruct, and resumed for 2019 on 1 May, at Estadio Do Restelo, in Lisbon. The band, although celebrating their 40th anniversary in just two years’ time, have been described as ‘still hitting the stage with charisma and energy’ in a recent review.

The set’s stunning look was designed and created by Dan Braun, who has worked with the band since 1994, and incorporates enormous display monitors, pyro displays and projections. Having toured with the band since their Big 4 Yankee Stadium show in 2011, ER Productions’ co-founder, Marc Webber, worked with lighting designer, Rob Koenig, to devise a laser system that complimented the production design and was versatile enough to accommodate multiple venue changes, including roofless outdoor stadiums.

This year, ER are going in bigger and better, supplying a staggering 100 laser fixtures with 1120 watts of laser power, which is no mean feat! For each show ER’s crew of 4 rig a whopping 70 of their very own BEAM-ER laser fixtures, 20 AT-20s and 10 AT-30s, all part of the brand-new modular laser series, ATOLLA. The ever-important atmospherics complimenting the lasers are covered by 10 Viper deLuxe and 4 Unique Hazers and 4 Power Tiny, ensuring every smoke angle is covered. ER also use 2 lifting columns, which bring the laser fixtures in and out of the set with ease, adding another level to the stage design, and everything is operated FOH via a Roadhog 4.

Webber, said of the tour, “It’s been a brilliant experience to work with Metallica and the team again. We’ve had the opportunity to showcase our new modular laser range, which have exceeded expectation in demonstrating the versatile looks they can achieve. It’s more laser power than we have ever provided for the band, and the result does not disappoint.

Thanks to the ER team, show designer Dan Braun and lighting designer Rob Koenig for having us back on board."

For more information about the products used, or for a technical demonstration, please contact us.

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