Queen + Adam Lambert 2019

ER Productions' Captivating Visuals


ER Productions worked with show designers Rob Sinclair and Ric Lipson, of Stufish Entertainment Architects, to enhance Queen’s mesmerising songs and Adam Lambert’s flamboyant performances using a variety of lasers and special effects.


Queen + Adam Lambert formed in 2013, when they appeared as a headliner at iHeartRadio Music Festival. ER Productions first worked with the band in 2014, for their inaugural world tour, which was a huge hit with fans across the world. Fast forward to 2019 and we’re not only providing a host of lasers, but also an exciting range of SFX to help create a visual extravaganza for each show.

Each night, ER’s Seth Griffiths rigs twenty of ER’s BB3 laser fixtures, which frame the stage, running along the down stage and upstage edges. 6 Phaenon X Pro 30000 are strategically placed around the set, including two on winches which drop in and out of the set on queue for the relevant tracks.

Who Wants to Live Forever is the main laser track. The aim of the programming was to start super smooth and create a ceiling of light. It’s a very haunting song so the lasers had to reflect this. Radio Gaga is very different, we use a lot of beams and to compliment the video content reflecting the industry and robotics. Brian’s guitar solo is all about space, so we use the diffraction effect.” Griffiths explains.

“The Phaenons give a bright, high-quality beam and scanning with a great colour palette, and the white is nice and warm due to the yellow diode. This extra yellow diode gives the laser really high-quality colour mixing.” 

“The show has changed a little since 2017. I had to re-programme Who Wants to Live Forever as the video content has changed. It’s now a lot warmer and uses colours like tungsten, ambers and deep purples, as the song is set on a candles backdrop.” Griffiths concludes.

The lasers appear for tracks, Who Wants to live Forever, Radio Gaga, Bohemian Rhapsody and Brian May’s guitar solo. Seth programmed the lasers using ER’s brand-new Ambersphere grandMA3 which is also triggering the confetti and low fog.

ER’s SFX provision is operated by Ross Deeker and includes 6 Stadium Blasters, which fire 1kg of white confetti. He also controls 6 CO2 Jets, 4 CRYO HP XL, and 2 Power Tiny, ensuring all the smoke angles are covered.

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