Typhoon, ER’s non-CO2 confetti blower, has been designed to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emitted in the industry. Typhoon is not only a ‘greener’ product, it is compact, stackable, easy to control, adjustable and versatile.

Typhoon’s innovative and adaptable design allows it to not only be rigged on top of truss but also flown, allowing for huge confetti hits at large-scale events. Typhoon works via a set of powerful but silent fans, which push confetti out through a specially-designed tunnel, and a controllable-hopper evenly distributes it. 


Material: Alluminium frame with steel panels
Weight: 90kg
Output: 3200 cubic feet per minute
Holds: 10kg confetti
Multi voltage: 200 to 270 or 50/60hz
FX: Confetti distribution


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For more information, email or call us +44 1322 293 135