A small, lightweight, flight friendly, high powered, green, all OPSL Laser system, with high speed X/Y scanning and DMX grating effects, which was used on the Edinburgh Hogmanay live broadcast, as well the Muse and Fatboy Slim tours.


Laser Type: OPSL
Wavelengths: 532nm
Beam Diameter: 2.5mm
Beam Divergence: 1mrad
NOHD: 896mt
FX: X/Y scanning, DMX line grating, DMX double burst rotating diffraction grating, DMX scanner grating
Electrical Input: 110 to 240v
Power Consumption: 500W
Weight: 25kg
Dimensions: 282 x 258 x 450mm

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For more information, email or call us +44 1322 293 135