The CRYO-FOG is a powerful low fog machine: a fog generator, a fan and a cooling chamber built into a compact flight case (67 x 51 x 30 cm) with space next to the fog generator to hold a 5ltr can of fluid. Liquid COis used to cool down the fog of the inbuilt low-temperature fog generator. Therefore the machine produces thick low fog which disperses evenly.

The machine is powerful enough to fill even big stages with low fog within a short time. The liquid CO2 is delivered from a low-pressure tank (20 - 24 Bar) which is connected to the machine via a hose.

The intelligent technology ensures that the fogging process will not start before the cooling chamber has reached the right temperature. As a result, no "warm" fog - which will rise up - can escape from the machine. The CRYO-FOG benefits from its compact size, lightweight, powerful output, low noise and easy operation.


Manufacturer: Look Solutions
Procedure: Vaporizing Fog machine with cooling chamber
Total Requirement: 2300 Watt / 1700 Watt (120v)
Power Requirement: 2000 Watt / 1400 Watt (120v)
Voltage: 230v / 50hz - 120v / 60Hz
Warm Up Time: 7mins
Fluid Consumption: 100ml/min @ 100% - 40ml/min @ 50%
CO2 Consumption: 2kg/min
Fluid Tank Capacity: 5ltr
Fog Output: Adjustable in 99 Steps
Fogging Time: Continuous Output
Control: DMX 512, 0-10v analogue, Standalone Mode
Temperature Control: Microprocessor
Overheating Protection: Heater block/thermostat, Pump/Thermal Switch
Dimensions (LxWxH): 67x51x30 cm
Weight (KG): 28


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